Why Exodus Forty?

The Lord in His Word teaches us in the book of Exodus how He liberated the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. He delivered his people from bondage and suffering to bring them to the Promised Land. Exodus Forty was created based on this passage of sacred scripture, the Flight out of Egypt.

Today’s world offers young people fashion options that are at times contrary to anything that glorifies God and His Word. In fact, some of today’s trends are rather offensive, vulgar and sometimes hurtful. If we are temples of the Holy Spirit why are we promoting and wearing clothes that do not bring about peace, love, and faith? Does this mean that we too are slaves to these styles?

It is the hope of Exodus Forty Apparel to transform the mentality of young people and liberate a generation enslaved by the secular fashions of this world. Glorify God in all you do and say. Evangelize without speaking. Begin a conversation. This is what Exodus Forty is all about. It is where the Gospel and fashion meet the world.